NUMBERCheck - Videotor Rail

Discernible railway infrastructure like harbors, factories, container terminals etc. are used by various EVUs (railway companies) and other infrastructure users. All operators of the rail sectors have diverse tasks, which were done manually for now, like:

  • Recording of all wagon movements and wagon downtimes, to create appropriate user accounts for the various users
  • Documentation of evidence of wagon condition upon entrance or exit of rail sectors for damage-claim regulation
  • ...

Mit NUMBERCheck – Videogate a fully automated recording and registering takes place. Every system has wheel sensors with which the wheel signature of a wagon can be determined. In addition, direction of travel, speed, number of axles and number of wagons can be defined. With additional wheel sensors, for example after every track-switch, the once identified and recorded wheel signature of a wagon can be tracked so that the track, the wagon with recorded UIC-number is on, is always known.

All relevant train data is recorded in a centralized data bank and available for access by a supervisory software. With this, ASE offers a further milestone in digitization of logistic processes.

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  • Fully automated recognition of passenger-, cargo-, tank wagons, UIC wagon numbers, Russian tank wagon numbers, brake handle status, hazardous materials sign, and much more.
  • Intelligent picture processing and comparison of recorded numbers in one database
  • Retrieval of data of the trains and wagons according to number, date and time
  • Wagon tracking
  • Video recording of passing trains
  • Stitching (completed recording of a train, zoom of individual wagons)
  • XML-interfaces for other systems like freight car scales, maneuvering systems
  • TrAbSy-interface (transportation recognition and accounting system):
    • Comparison of recorded data with prerecorded train data (EDIFACT, XML:)
    • automatic accounting with all users of the infrastructure

    Areas of Application

    • Marshalling-/Transshipment stations
    • Container terminals
    • Sea- & Inland ports
    • Airports
    • Industrial plants with rail connections
    • ...