Integration of camera image into the software interface VisorX/NG

ASE systems monitor wastewater treatment processes even under extreme conditions

As a specialist for intelligent image processing, ASE also designs video surveillance systems for safety-relevant areas in the process industry, chemical/petrochemical industry, power plants and many other branches.

A current application example is the video-supported monitoring of wastewater treatment processes for the Stadtentwässerung Frankfurt. The city of Frankfurt am Main operates two of the largest wastewater treatment plants (ARA) in the German state of Hesse. Both Frankfurt systems belong to the highest size class 5 and clean better than the legally prescribed requirements.

Intelligent camera systems from ASE GmbH provide visual monitoring of the demanding cleaning processes at the wastewater treatment plants in Niederrad and Griesheim as well as for reliable perimeter protection by monitoring gate entrances and terrain.

This is one reason why the stricter monitoring values laid down by the responsible water authority can also be observed.

ASE software "VisorX/NG" enables the integration of video images into control stations of leading manufacturers
The VisorX/NG software - a product of ASE GmbH - was used for process monitoring. It is also used in a similar version for video image monitoring in the PCS/7 control station of Siemens AG.

By using video technology, irregularities are detected in real time. At the same time, a defined alarm and reaction procedure is triggered.

Live video images are displayed as continuous images on the process control system at the workstations of Frankfurt wastewater treatment plant. The cameras installed by ASE with PTZ function (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) can be controlled directly from any authorized workstation.

Safe monitoring under extreme conditions
Since the two wastewater treatment plants are a system under extreme environmental conditions, the cameras in the process monitoring area were equipped with special ATEX-certified explosion-proof housings.

We are pleased that our systems support a safe wastewater treatment process for the City of Frankfurt am Main.

Greetings from Bruchsal,
Your ASE Team