Process monitoring / Image integration in control station software

ASE camera and control systems monitor power plants, sewage treatment and incineration plants as well as production lines like filling systems, mixing processes, high bay warehouses, silos and more.

VisorX/NG by ASE permits an efficient process control and monitoring through bidirectional communication of various video systems with one control station.
Irregularities are recognized in real time, analyzed, recorded and saved, a defined alarm and reaction process will be triggered.

VisorX/NG runs with the process control software of leading manufacturers (like Siemens PCS 7, ABB MAS 3002, Industrial IT, Emerson DELTA V, VA TECH, SAT230, Foxboro Ivensys).

Our service ranges from requirement analysis to planning, software programming and the installation of camera systems all the way to start-up and maintenance of facilities.

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With the use of video technology in process automation you can profit from the following:

  • Early failure detection
  • Efficient troubleshooting
  • Waste reduction
  • Increased productivity
  • Energy cost savings in incineration processes
  • Optimized personnel deployment and costs
  • More security for man and machine