OCR Gates - NUMBERCheck Videogate

"NUMBERCheck - Videogate" is a camera based identification system for rail traffic and combined transport.

Trains or trucks driving through a "Videogate" will be scanned with high-resolution video cameras. The data and character types that are recorded (like UIC wagon and container numbers, license plates, hazardous materials signs and many more) are processed in real time and are available for the operator immediately. At the same time, a reliable comprehensive documentation takes place. High recognition rates (98%) create a significant optimization of

all processes.

Using XML-interfaces and other systems like freight car scales, maneuvering systems, TrabSy (transportation recognition and accounting system) logistics software and many more, this system has diverse posibilities of application.

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Construction of this kind of system is possible in 2 variants:

  • Assembly of sensors on a steel portal
  • Assembly of sensors in vandal-proof steel columns
ASE GmbH Bruchsal - Numbercheck Videogate Rail

NUMBERCheck - Videogate 

ASE GmbH Bruchsal - Numbercheck Videogate Street

NumberCheck - Videogate 

ASE GmbH Bruchsal - Damage Control System

DCS - Damage Control System