OCR Gates - NUMBERCheck Videogate for Train & Trucks

Videobased train & truck gate - Number recognition and identification of vehicles and loading units for traffic and logistics

Tens of millions of tons of goods are transported and stored worldwide every day. The transport usually takes place in containers that are loaded onto trains and trucks. These containers are reloaded and transported several times in ports, terminals and large container stations. Due to the sheer mass of vehicles and loading units, it is impossible to manually determine the current location in real time.

Currently, registration is purely manual (often with a clipboard and pen). To do this, the entire train or truck often has to be expired and all numbers have to be recorded individually.

ASE has fully automated the registration of trains and trucks with the number recognition system "NUMBERCheck – Video gate for rail & trucks". For this purpose, video gates (OCR gates) with high-resolution cameras were developed, which are installed at the entrance or exit of a railway station, terminal or other logistic and traffic infrastructure area. Arriving and departing trains and trucks pass the video engine and during transit, all wagons or vehicles and their loading units are automatically scanned with high-resolution cameras and the wagon numbers, container numbers, dangerous goods numbers, vehicle numbers etc. are automatically recorded in real time. All information is immediately digitally available to the respective terminal operator or shipper of the goods.

NUMBERCheck recognizes the following characters and data:

  • UIC number / wagon number
  • Container number (BIC/ILU)
  • Length over buffers (LüP)
  • Dangerous goods number (UN number)
  • Dangerous goods signs (placcard)
  • Loading unit with order number in relation to the wagon: ILU, BIC, UN, Plackard, 
  • Direction and speed
  • Number of axles
  • Vehicle/truck registration number (ANPR)
  • Tractor indicator
  • Characteristic Trailer

In addition, state documentation takes place, i.e. it is simultaneously optically recorded whether the wagons, containers or trucks are undamaged or in need of repair. For example, replacements or maintenance dates can be arranged immediately. In addition, the image and video data are available as evidence for claims settlements.

NUMBERCheck – Video gate can be individually designed for railway traffic (Rail Gate) as well as road traffic (Truck Gate).

In addition to industrial companies and major port operators such as the Port of Duisburg, ASE's customers include DB (Deutsche Bahn), ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahn) and SBB (Schweizer Bundesbahn).

Convince yourself of the advantages of our camera-based number recognition:

  • Shortened handling times and throughput times in terminals
  • Optimization of logistic processes
  • Optimal use of human resources
  • Significant cost savings and sales increase
  • Process reliability and process optimization
  • Short return on investment times (often less than 12 months)
  • High plant safety and accuracy (detection rate >95%)
  • Continuous further development of the system

Benefit from our unique selling points:

  • Easy to use Numberfinder software
  • Verifiable state documentation
  • Real-time data capturing
  • Modular structure of the system
  • Individual customer adaptation
  • High detection rates

Using XML-interfaces and other systems like freight car scales, maneuvering systems, TrabSy (transportation recognition and accounting system) logistics software and many more, this system has diverse posibilities of application.

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Construction of this kind of system is possible in 2 variants:

  • Assembly of sensors on a steel portal
  • Assembly of sensors in vandal-proof steel columns
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NUMBERCheck - Videogate 

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NumberCheck - Videogate 

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