Identify OCR-Gates with ASE and record vehicle and container numbers fully automatic and during running operation

For an optimized process sequence and increase in productivity

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Innovative portals for securing railway traffic

Surveillance and control of trains during continuous operation

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NumberCheck identifies and records wagon numbers, QR- and bar codes, hazardous material numbers, and more.

For Data Transparency and Process Optimization in Combined Transports and Logistics

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Video Surveillance through client specific CCTV systems

For a reliable process, production and object surveillance

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Target - Record - Digitize

Welcome to the ASE Gmbh in Bruchsal

Traffic infrastructures, production processes, energy supply systems - the base of our modern life is susceptible to faults, making it dependent to be monitored with the correct equipment. ASE GmbH is specialized on efficient security and process monitoring technology.

Heart of our business is the development of OCR-Gates for rail and street traffic. With NUMBERCheck – Videogate we offer diverse possibilties in the area of intelligent image processing and set new standards for digitization andoptimization of logical processes.

With intelligent video and camera systems we can offer client specific solutions for

  • train traffic, combined traffic & logistics
  • Industry & Trade
  • Public Clients
ASE GmbH Bruchsal - OCR-Gates

OCR-Gates for freight transport (harbor, train, combined transport)

ASE GmbH Bruchsal - Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Systems
– customer specific and cross-sector

ASE GmbH Bruchsal - News and Updates

Updates from the world of ASE GmbH