DCS - Damage Control System

The ASE DCS (Damage Control System) is based on the OCR-Gate for rail & street. Here, vehicle numbers are also registered on entry and departure, and using interfaces sent to superordinate scheduling systems.
DCS provides all necessary information concerning motor vehicle movements. You receive a complete verification of all reception and delivery times (24/7), and
using that you can optimize availability and operational planning of all vehicles. At the same time, the system offers picture analysis and picture storage for condition and damage documentation. Using image comparison during entry and departure you can have complete evidence for any claims or damage

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System functions

  • Sensors at the OCR-Gate (Entrance and Exit)
  • Data banks with XML interfaces
  • License plate filing for comparison with the data bank
  • Recording of pictures and video including license plates, date and time
  • Locating via license plates and/or time
  • Choice between picture or video (zoomable)
  • Pictures exportable via license plate numbers and dates as well as timestamp


  • Car return 24 h with documentation 24/7.
  • Optimization of personnel deployment during vehicle return
  • Conditional- and damage verification possible at any time
  • Possibility of recourse of damages using comparison of entry and exit
  • Gapless verification of reception and release time
  • Access control using license plates (gate solution)
  • Inventory documentation  Anti-theft alarm

Areas of Application

  • Car rentals
  • Fleet management
  • Public parking spaces
  • Car loading