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  • 23/11/2021 - Birgit Schweinberger
    System monitoring for Rail & Truck Gate

    Our OCR system NUMBERCheck - Rail & Truck Gate can be supplemented with a location-independent fault reporting system and is used for automatic information in case of failure of system-relevant components. These messages are displayed on a separate PC. It is thus a proactive maintenance/maintenance component.

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  • 21/10/2021 - Birgit Schweinberger
    User-friendly image analysis with stitching

    With the stitching* function, complete trains can be analyzed quickly and comfortable. The train formation is displayed on the screen in small format and can be moved or enlarged as desired with a mouse click. Just click on a specific wagon to display it in large format to view details (numbers, danger signs, damage, position of brake levers, etc.).

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  • 10/09/2021 - B. Köhler
    Visor X/NG for SIMATIC PCS 7 newly certified

    Video technology can make a highly versatile contribution toward rationalization of production processes. Remote from the process, you are able to view important process sequences, evaluate the actual product state, direct the flow of goods, check areas which are difficult or even impossible to access, and much more.

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  • 12/08/2021
    OCR Technology from ASE at MegaHub Lehrte

    A new high-speed transshipment facility, the MegaHub Lehrte, was built on the site of the former Lehrte marshalling yard. The groundbreaking ceremony took place in May 2018. With high-performance portal cranes, a new type of sorting system and an automatic consignment registration system for trains and trucks, goods will be handled much more faster and efficiently here in the future.

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  • 16/06/2021
    NUMBERCheck - Rail Gate: Yes, we can.... also "stand still"

    Did you know ... A particularly unique selling point is the fact that our system records and processes all train data even when the train stops and continues its passage, without this data being lost due to this interruption in the passage. This distinguishes us significantly from our competitors, for whom continuous passage is a must. 

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  • 25/05/2021
    Digitisation at the Container Terminal Linz with NUMBERCheck -Rail Gate

    Linz Service GmbH operates the connecting railway at the port of Linz. Until now, the registration of trains was carried out purely manually. The entire train had to be walked through by one employee in a time-consuming process and all relevant vehicle numbers and characteristics had to be recorded individually. In order to automate this process, the "installation of a photogate" at the access track to the port area was put out to tender and realised by ASE GmbH.

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  • 07/04/2020
    We are there for you / OCR Gates speed up logistic processes

    Most companies are going through difficult times, only a few are not effected by the current corona crisis. Doctors, nurses, the food trade and drugstores are some of the system-relevant professions and industries that currently support our society; they deserve our thanks and respect.

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  • [company_name] NUMBERCheck – Feature: Placard detection
    NUMBERCheck – Feature: Placard detection

    Up to now, hazardous goods have been recorded using the ADR/UN codes for both rail and road transport. By order of a renowned customer, we have now been able to add another feature to our NumberFinder software: NUMBERCheck Video gate now also recognizes dangerous goods signs, so-called placards.

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  • Detection pin position
    Detection pin position

    In addition to the detection of common characters, such as UIC wagon numbers, container codes or dangerous goods signs, other possibilities of automated image recognition and processing are increasingly in demand.

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  • Review of the fair: Transport Logistic & TOC Rotterdam 2019
    Review of the fair: Transport Logistic & TOC Rotterdam 2019

    In summer 2019, not only the temperatures caused hot days, but also the two major trade fairs for the transport and logistics industry.

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  • 27/05/2019
    Sales Engineer wanted – Join us in shaping the future!

    We want to expand and increase our sales activities both in Germany and in other European countries.

    To strengthen our team we are looking for an experienced Sales Engineer / Sales Manager (m/f/d) for the next possible date.

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  • 10/05/2019
    NUMBERCheck - Interfaces: Integration into a flat detection system

    NUMBERCheck - Rail Gate offers interfaces to other measuring systems for rail and freight traffic. Our system can also be connected to a flat detection system (FOA) of various manufacturers. Wheel flats are caused by blocked wheels, causing noise and damage to rails and track beds.

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  • ASE GmbH - TOC Europe 2019
    TOC Europe 2019 - Visit us at Ahoy Rotterdam

    TOC Europe is one of the world's largest expert exhibitions for port, ship and terminal technology.

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  • ASE GmbH - Transport logistic Munich 2019
    Transport logistic 2019 – Visit us in Munich

    Transport logistic 2019 opens its doors again in Munich from 04 - 07 June 2019. As a specialist for camera-based identification systems, we use the leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management to present information on automation and digitisation using OCR technology.

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  • Titel
    13th BSL symposium on rail freight transport in the train formation facility in Halle/S.

    Halle/S. is an important hub for rail freight traffic. In a project lasting until 2018, the train formation system Halle/S.-Nord was converted into one of the most modern in Europe and upgraded to a central system in Central Germany.

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  • 18/02/2019
    ASE GmbH nominated for the Great Prize of Medium-Sized Businesses " in 2019

    The Oskar Patzelt Foundation's Grand Prize for Medium-Sized Enterprises is Germany's most prestigious economic award." ( DIE WELT ). The competition is already being announced for the 25th time in 2019. Only every thousandth company in Germany reaches the nomination list. ASE GmbH is one of them.

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  • ASE GmbH News
    UIC Number Recognition: Important add-on for railway weighing systems

    For a static or dynamic weighing system in rail traffic, the automatic optical recognition and identification of the UIC wagon numbers during train passage is an important functional addition. NUMBERCheck offers the corresponding interfaces to track scale measuring systems of leading manufacturers. Based on the recognized UIC numbers, determined weights can be assigned to the individual wagons. Here we explain how this works:

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  • Framework order for Duisburger Hafen AG
    Framework order for Duisburger Hafen AG

    Following an initial installation in Duisburg's Logport III port, we can now look forward to a framework contract that includes the installation of up to ten rail gates. These are to be located at various sites on the approx. 14 square kilometer port site within the next 3 years.

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  • 26/10/2018
    Video based wagon inspection in Trier

    DB Regio AG has numerous locations in Germany where they provide services in the field of maintenance, repair and cleaning of rail vehicles.

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  • 22/08/2018
    InnoTrans opens its doors in Berlin from 18th to 21st of September 2018 - ASE is exhibiting again

    The world's leading trade fair for transport technology presents new ideas and technologies in the fields of Railway Technology, Railway Infrastructure, Public Transport, Interior and Tunnel Construction.

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  • 26/07/2018
    ASE is seven-figure financed by Companisto

    ASE is pleased about the successful financing campaign with Companisto; it confirms the fact that digitisation processes also include intelligent image processing.

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  • Symposium "Maritime rail freight transport" in Stralsund, Germany, 13.09.2018
    Symposium "Maritime rail freight transport" in Stralsund, Germany, 13.09.2018

    The first symposium "Maritime rail freight transport" will take place on 13.09.2018 in Stralsund. It deals with the topic "Mastering rail transports - how digital is it allowed to be".

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  • Integration of camera image into the software interface VisorX/NG
    ASE systems monitor wastewater treatment processes even under extreme conditions

    As a specialist for intelligent image processing, ASE also designs video surveillance systems for safety-relevant areas in the process industry, chemical/petrochemical industry, power plants and many other branches.

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  • digitalization
    Uniform data exchange for future-proof digitization

    For many rail infrastructure operators it is not only an enormous challenge to advance the locating and as-is-monitoring of freight wagons at their own expense. Until now, there has also been no central theme for achieving a uniform exchange of data for all actors.

    The German Institute for Standardization e.V. (DIN) has meanwhile prepared a document which defines requirements for the data structure, data groups and interface definitions for the exchange of information in combined transport between the actors involved.

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  • 06/04/2018
    NUMBERCheck video gate from ASE digitizes entrances and exits at Duisburger Hafen AG (port of Duisburg, Germany)

    Intelligent image processing is one of the basic technologies for automation and digitization in the transport and logistics industry. The automation of logistical processes along the value chain includes, among other things, the fully automatic monitoring and registration of incoming and outgoing goods.

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  • Our camera-based OCR gate not only records wagon, container or vehicle numbers, but also provides vehicle condition documentation.
    Our camera-based OCR gate not only records wagon, container or vehicle numbers, but also provides vehicle condition documentation.

    Our camera-based OCR gate notonly records wagon, container or vehicle numbers, but also provides vehicle condition documentation.

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  • Gestitches Bild LKW
    Area scan cameras and line scan camera

    High detection rates with area scan cameras 

    The market for OCR gates in the logistics industry is dominated by a few suppliers. In contrast to our competitors, who rely on one-dimensional line scan cameras and gain the 2nd dimension by as uniformly as possible movement of the vehicle, we work with high-resolution 2-D area scan cameras. We would like to explain why in this news.

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  • ASE GmbH, Monitoring of train movements for the Belgian railway company Infrabel
    Monitoring of train movements for the Belgian railway company Infrabel

    Brussels North and Brussels South stations are linked by a six-track tunnel. This tunnel also houses the heavily frequented Brussels Central Station with three island platforms. Up to 1,100 trains pass through the tunnel every day and almost all passenger trains circulating in Belgium, including ICE, Thalys, TGV and Eurostar, pass through the tunnel.

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  • NUMBERCheck
    NUMBERCheck in use for the automotive industry

    The BMW plant in Regensburg also uses NUMBERCheck, our automated number recognition system for rail & road.

    The Regensburg plant produces eight different vehicle variants. Flawless processes are the prerequisite for building automobiles of the highest quality and inspiring customers.
    Reliable and transparent logistics play a major role in production, both in the delivery of components and in the removal of production waste.*

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  • RFID or OCR recognition
    RFID or OCR recognition: Which telematics solution has a future?

    Transport tracking using RFID technology is well known to most players in the transport and logistics industry. The abbreviation RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and means identification by radio frequency. This method belongs to the group of automatic systems for the identification of goods and functions via a contactless signal exchange. The transponders or RFID tags play a central role in this process. They are very small and light and can be attached directly to the goods, transport containers and loading equipment in the form of a sticker *. (Source:

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  • 30/11/2017
    Participation at "Gefahrgut & Gefahrstoff 2017" in Leipzig

    The Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Materials trade fair celebrated its premiere from 14 to 16 November 2017 and ASE was present.

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  • 27/11/2017
    Uniform database for European combined transport

    The European CT Directive 92/106 is a European directive for the promotion of transhipment facilities. Uniform European legislation on intermodal transport is essential and sets out framework conditions, including subsidy

    programmes for terminal construction, standardisation of operational processes, identification and the systematic establishment of a transparent database.

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  • 26/10/2017
    Invitation to the exhibition „Dangerous goods – transport intra logistic security“ , 14.-16.11.2017 in Leipzig

    You are kindly invited to visit us at our booth no. G6 in Congress Center Leipzig, level 0. We will be pleased to inform you about our camera based identification systems and their advantages for transport  of dangerous goods.

    Use the opportunity and request for a voucher code for a free ticket. Simply send a message to:
    Please note, that our contingent is limited and the allocation occurs upon order entry.

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  • ASE Forumsmitglieder
    Rückblick ASE-Forum 2017

    Zum dritten Mal bereits trafen sich am 27. und 28.08.2017 zahlreiche Akteure aus der Güterverkehr-Branche in Karlsruhe zum fachlichen Austausch und Netzwerken.

    Der Fokus des diesjährigen ASE-Forums lag auf der Digitalisierung des Gütertransports. So wurde von Europäischen Richtlinien für den Kombinierten Verkehr bis hin zu der Entwicklung neuer Geschäftsmodelle sowie transportbezogener IT-Services über ein breites Spektrum diskutiert.

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  • 14/09/2017
    ASE-Forum 2017, 27.-28.09.2017

    Mit dem "ASE Forum - Güterverkehr 4.0" haben wir seit 2014 eine Vortragsveranstaltung ins Leben gerufen, die in der Branche sehr guten Anklang gefunden hat.

    Auch in diesem Jahr haben wir wieder ein facettenreiches Programm für Sie zusammengestellt und freuen uns darauf, mit Ihnen über aktuelle Trends, Anforderungen und Optimierungsprozesse im Güterverkehr zu diskutieren.

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  • 26/06/2017 - ASE GmbH
    NumberCheck - Videogate for SBB Cargo realized

    SBB Cargo, the freight transport division of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), works on different innovation and automation topics, to make freight trains technologically fit for the future challenges on the market. The use of camera technology is set to make freight car controlling easier.

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  • 27/03/2017 - ASE GmbH
    ASE - NumberCheck received the Innovation Award in the category Road and Infrastructure

    The Innovation Award of the magazine Privatbahn is awarded to rail technological innovations, that are pioneering for the future of trains, in a two year rhythm of InnoTrans. In the category Road and Infrastructure the judges were won over by our camera based ID-System Numbercheck, which in the areas of logistics and combined transport offers universal solutions.

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  • 09/03/2017 - ASE GmbH
    Transport logistic 2017 – ASE presents NumberCheck - Videogate, the camera based identification system for combined transport.

    The Transport logistic is die leading exhibition for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management. We invited you cordially, to see us from the 09th to the 12th of May in Munich and look forward to greeting you personally at our

    booth. You can find us in Hall B2 / Booth No 111.

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  • 20/06/2016 - ASE GmbH
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  • 19/02/2016 - ASE GmbH
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  • 05/02/2016 - ASE GmbH
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