[company_name] NUMBERCheck – Feature: Placard detection

NUMBERCheck – Feature: Placard detection

Up to now, hazardous goods have been recorded using the ADR/UN codes for both rail and road transport. By order of a renowned customer, we have now been able to add another feature to our NumberFinder software: NUMBERCheck Video gate now also recognizes dangerous goods signs, so-called placards.

Dangerous goods are all substances, mixtures or goods which, due to their physical or chemical nature, may be dangerous to humans and the environment during transport. Dangerous substances are, for example, irritating, toxic, explosive, carcinogenic or can cause a fire if handled incorrectly. It is therefore particularly important in logistics to comply with all regulations for hazardous goods - both during transport and storage. (source: Logistik Knowhow) 

Our Optical detection by day and night covers the presence of all Placard classes. For this purpose we use modern machine learning algorithms, which work excellently even under changing weather conditions.

Of course, the detected placards are automatically assigned to the corresponding wagons and load units by our NumberFinder software. The recognized information is transferred to the superior customer system (e.g. TOS, TMS, etc.) via xml push. At the same time the corresponding images are also integrated in this information.