NUMBERCheck - Truck Gate

License plate (ANPR) and container number recognition for terminals, traffic & logistics

Our video-based identification system "NUMBERCheck - Truck Gate" identifies vehicle and truck number plates, container numbers, dangerous goods numbers etc. on vehicles and their loading units with intelligent image recognition. Basic module for efficient yard management

This OCR system (OCR=optical character recognition) automates the check-in process, registers and steers arriving and departing trucks in terminals, transshipment stations or within a factory site and thus ensures a significant increase in flow rate.

Camera-based number recognition captures and register all entrances and exits and provides operators with all relevant data for a digitised comparison in order to accelerate and optimise logistical processes.

The video and image data are also used to document the condition of vehicles, containers and loading units, thus providing conclusive evidence of their condition, e.g. to settle claims for damages.

Each system is equipped with high-quality sensor components that enable reliable separation of the vehicles while maintaining a minimum distance. NUMBERCheck - Truck Gate works bidirectionally and detects incoming and outgoing vehicles in the speed range from 0 to 30 km/h.

This means that our system delivers reliable data even if the vehicles have to stop in the measuring section due to traffic conditions. In this case, the detection rate is not negatively affected. Separation of the vehicles by a traffic light or barrier system with a jam section in front of the gate is therefore not necessary.

The great advantage of our system lies in its compact design and space-saving integration into already existing terminals.

When passing through the Truck Gate, the speed, direction and registration number of the vehicle (ANPR) as well as of the trailer or semi-trailer are determined. UN numbers, hazardous goods placards or waste labels can be recognised as an option. Our high recognition rates are due to multiple image takes during transit.

The LED lighting, which is precisely matched to the cameras, is only activated during passage and is glare-free for the truck driver. Using high-quality hardware components and our highly efficient OCR algorithm, we achieve demonstrably first-class recognition rates.

All relevant data (number plate, loading units, date, time, direction, transmission status, etc.) are recorded in a central database and made available to a higher-level software (TOS - Terminal Operating System) via XML interface. At the same time, a database is maintained in the NUMBERCheck system in which the transit data is also stored for a limited period of time. This database can be viewed on a workstation PC via the GUI.

The construction of a NUMBERCheck system is possible in several variants:

  • Portal steel construction with concrete foundations and optional plant protection by bollards
  • Integration of the sensor components in a vandal-resistant steel column on the right and left side of the roadway is alternatively possible

With video-based number recognition, ASE is setting another milestone in the digitization of logistics processes.

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  • Automatic registration, monitoring and controlling of trucks
  • Recording of license plates, ILU- and BIC codes, hazardous materials signs
  • Intelligent picture processing and comparison of all recorded signs in one database
  • Transmission of data via interfaces to supervisory operational or TOS systems
  • Retrievalof v ehicle data according to unit loads using numbers, dates and times
  • Video recording for damage and operational condition documentation

Additional function: biometric facial recognition

  • Video based facial recognition
  • Quick verification of personal identity
  • Easy learning of access authorization
  • Comparison with already stored access profiles
  • Connection to existing card- / code systems

Areas of Application

  • Transshipment stations
  • Container terminals
  • Freight centers
  • Sea- & Inland ports
  • Industrial plants
  • ...