Uniform data exchange for future-proof digitization

For many rail infrastructure operators it is not only an enormous challenge to advance the locating and as-is-monitoring of freight wagons at their own expense. Until now, there has also been no central theme for achieving a uniform exchange of data for all actors.

The German Institute for Standardization e.V. (DIN) has meanwhile prepared a document which defines requirements for the data structure, data groups and interface definitions for the exchange of information in combined transport between the actors involved.

"DIN SPEC 91073 (DIGIT standardization of data exchange for all actors in the intermodal chain to ensure an efficient flow of information and sustainable digital communication)" is available free of charge and for everyone at Beuth-Verlag since a few days. Here the link to download:

Digital traffic, a vision? Dirk Flege, Managing Director of the Pro-Rail Alliance, puts all the facts on the table and comes up with surprising results. What air, road and rail traffic have in common - and what not you can read here:

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