ASE GmbH, Monitoring of train movements for the Belgian railway company Infrabel

Monitoring of train movements for the Belgian railway company Infrabel

Brussels North and Brussels South stations are linked by a six-track tunnel. This tunnel also houses the heavily frequented Brussels Central Station with three island platforms. Up to 1,100 trains pass through the tunnel every day and almost all passenger trains circulating in Belgium, including ICE, Thalys, TGV and Eurostar, pass through the tunnel.

Infrabel asked for more information about the actual wagon sequence and movements, as the existing Belgian train control system provides little information about the train itself and its collocation. It was therefore a logical step to install ASE's NUMBERCheck number recognition system in this tunnel. The data obtained by the detection system is linked to the data of the train control system and thus enables extensive wagon tracking.

Special requirements require highest precision

The demands on the system were very high: the maximum speed of 60 km/h required high-intensity cameras with short exposure times and high frame rates at low compression. The short exposure times require high light intensities and, at the same time, locomotive drivers and passengers must not be dazzled. Aggravating was the fact that the camera columns are only 80 cm away from the passing trains and therefore require large opening angles for camera and lighting. This task was completely solved by special ASE lighting and camera technology.

Expansion of cooperation decided

NUMBERCheck from ASE has been working in Brussels for 5 years and with great results. Wear and tear and the desire for expansion now lead to a supplement order in the upper 5-digit range. 

We are very pleased about this trusting cooperation.