Visor X/NG for SIMATIC PCS 7 newly certified

Video technology can make a highly versatile contribution toward rationalization of production processes. Remote from the process, you are able to view important process sequences, evaluate the actual product state, direct the flow of goods, check areas which are difficult or even impossible to access, and much more.

The use of video technology in process automation permits, for example:

  • Prevention of production faults and waste
  • Optimization of energy costs for combustion processes
  • Saving of personnel costs


It is extremely easy to integrate live video data from web or analog cameras into the SIMATIC PCS 7 operator system using VisorX/NG video technology products from ASE GmbH. The VisorX/NG video server is configured with ASE software. Otherwise, no additional settings are necessary.


The VisorX/NG video server works in real time, i.e. it is able to record up to 25 images per second for each video channel. Image recording can be carried out time-based, event-controlled or also permanently.


Special features:

  • Digital saving and transmission of video and audio signals together with multi-standard compression and state-of-the-art image analysis algorithms
  • Video management functionality based on user-programmable, internal logic control
  • Redundant power supply expansion and internal SATA RAID expansion possible


The compatibility of our Visor X/NG software is tested and certified annually by Siemens.  A current certificate for the SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.1 version was issued as of August 2021.


Are you looking for a reliable image- or video-based solution for a monitoring-relevant process in your company? Then send us your inquiry to  We will be happy to advise you!



Your ASE Team




Note: Extreme ambient conditions

When combined with a wide range of enclosures, cameras can be used in hazardous areas (certified according to ATEX), in offshore applications, or in furnaces.



Source: Catalog  ST PCS 7 AO – Add-ons for operator system SIMATIC PCS 7