User-friendly image analysis with stitching

With the stitching* function, complete trains can be analyzed quickly and comfortable. The train formation is displayed on the screen in small format and can be moved or enlarged as desired with a mouse click. Just click on a specific wagon to display it in large format to view details (numbers, danger signs, damage, position of brake levers, etc.).

Would you like to upgrade your NUMBERCheck system with this function and benefit from the convenient image analysis? The corresponding software license can be installed or activated for you at any time. 


You have the option of choosing between our SaaS model (user fees with a term of 48 months followed by automatic transfer of ownership) or an immediate purchase option.



In image processing, stitching refers to the creation of a large photograph from various smaller individual shots that show (usually overlapping) sections of the subject.

Stitching is used when a single shot would not capture the desired angle of view, i.e. as a substitute for a wide-angle lens or even to create a 360° panorama, or to achieve a greater resolution (pixel count) for large-format images than would be possible with a single shot due to the camera's limited resolution. (Source: Wikipedia)


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