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UIC Number Recognition: Important add-on for railway weighing systems

For a static or dynamic weighing system in rail traffic, the automatic optical recognition and identification of the UIC wagon numbers during train passage is an important functional addition. NUMBERCheck offers the corresponding interfaces to track scale measuring systems of leading manufacturers. Based on the recognized UIC numbers, determined weights can be assigned to the individual wagons. Here we explain how this works:

Both our OCR system NUMBERCheck and a track scale measuring system detect and deliver the same number of train axles. The weighing system assigns a weight to each axle. NUMBERCheck implements an algorithm that separates the train into its individual wagons. Thus the axle weights can be clearly assigned to the respective wagon. Thanks to NUMBERCheck, this works even with "short-coupled" wagons, which are usually made up of two "normal" wagons but are inseparably connected to each other and are regarded as individual wagons. The total weight of a wagon is determined by adding the associated wheel weights.

In this way, together with the data and images recorded by NUMBERCheck, the current condition of each wagon is obtained. This information is stored in the database of the NUMBERCheck system. The user can view this data at any time via the GUI or search the database using specific search criteria.
This is frequently and gladly used by our customers in the context of reliable damage and condition documentation.

Application example in the automotive industry: BMW Regensburg site
The Regensburg site produces eight different vehicle variants. Error-free processes are a prerequisite for building cars of the highest quality and inspiring customers. Reliable and transparent logistics play a major role in production, both in the delivery of components and in the removal of production waste.

Additional revenue for BMW through correct invoicing of returns of recyclable raw materials:
This is where ASE comes into play: The sheet metal waste generated in body construction is transported away with the company's own factory railway for recycling ( meltdown ). ASE has installed a scale including UIC wagon number recognition to determine the exact weight/quantity and therefore the monetary value of the loads. Thus a correct reimbursement for the raw material can be achieved by exact allocation of wagon number and weight.

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