System monitoring for Rail & Truck Gate

Our OCR system NUMBERCheck - Rail & Truck Gate can be supplemented with a location-independent fault reporting system and is used for automatic information in case of failure of system-relevant components. These messages are displayed on a separate PC. It is thus a proactive maintenance/maintenance component.

For this purpose, ASE sets up a special monitoring tool with a dashboard, which is configured site-specifically for each NUMBERCheck system and monitors the respective relevant hardware components (e.g. servers, cameras, axis controllers, switches, LED controllers, laser controllers or similar).


The dashboard for fault indication is displayed in Bruchsal, but can also be installed in parallel at our customers' sites on request.


Alerts are sent by default via e-mail to one or more addresses. A separate acoustic or visual alarm is also possible.


If you are interested, we will be happy to advise you in detail.


Your ASE Team