We are there for you / OCR Gates speed up logistic processes

Most companies are going through difficult times, only a few are not effected by the current corona crisis. Doctors, nurses, the food trade and drugstores are some of the system-relevant professions and industries that currently support our society; they deserve our thanks and respect.

Logistics companies are also included in the list of system-relevant companies that keep supplies running in their respective countries. Automated systems in the field of goods management help to increase flow rates in terminals and ports and accelerate logistics processes.

Intelligent image processing is one of the basic technologies for automation and digitization in the transport and logistics industry. With "NUMBERCheck – Rail & Truck Gate" trains and trucks are scanned and UIC wagon and container numbers, vehicle registration numbers, hazardous goods codes and much more are recorded fully automatically. Since the recognized data is transmitted in real time to higher-level TOS systems (Terminal Operator Systems), containers, for example, can be scheduled, handled and forwarded much faster.

Learn more about our OCR system NUMBERCheck (OCR= Optical Character Recognition): https://www.ase-gmbh.com/en/downloads--videos

The pandemic will certainly push the transport and logistics industry in particular to examine how they can further design automation and optimization solutions with minimal risks, practical technology and less human interaction. Here we are a competent partner with individual solutions.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Some colleagues are in the home office, but are still available for you at the usual times under the known contact details.

We wish you all the best, lots of confidence and trust in a safe and successful crisis management and please stay healthy!

Your ASE Team