Framework order for Duisburger Hafen AG

Framework order for Duisburger Hafen AG

Following an initial installation in Duisburg's Logport III port, we can now look forward to a framework contract that includes the installation of up to ten rail gates. These are to be located at various sites on the approx. 14 square kilometer port site within the next 3 years.

Immediately after the contract was signed in November 2018, the first call-offs for two sites within the port area followed.

Within a very short time, the hardware components were installed in Duisburg Rheinhausen (Logport I) in mid-January in order to present a functioning system. Our project managers once again impressed the customer with their in-depth specialist knowledge both during the design phase and during the installation work outdoor, combined with their above-average commitment - even at temperatures below 5°C. Many thanks at this point.

Duisport is currently frequented weekly by 30 freight trains from various destinations in China. Since the start of the routes in 2011, the port of Duisburg has been the start and destination of the China trains. As part of the Silk Road Campaign "One Belt, One Road", the transit times of Chinese freight trains are to be further reduced from 12-13 days. This is to be made possible, among other things, by automatic registration and digitization of the recognized vehicle and loading unit data using our video gates.

The second call-off order concerns the Duisport-Ruhrort location. The installation of this system is scheduled for March/April 2019.

As the largest inland port in the world, Duisburger Hafen AG also aims to be a technological leader. The OCR technology enables an enormous improvement in internal control and is a practical example of the digitization of the logistics chain.

The example of these two locations shows that our video gates can be individually adapted to the existing infrastructure. Locations can differ, for example, in the number of tracks, the distance to the neighbouring track in the detection area, the presence of overhead lines or similar. It is our strength to offer competent solutions for these different challenges.

Yours ASE-Team