NUMBERCheck - Rail Gate: Yes, we can.... also "stand still"

Did you know ... A particularly unique selling point is the fact that our system records and processes all train data even when the train stops and continues its passage, without this data being lost due to this interruption in the passage. This distinguishes us significantly from our competitors, for whom continuous passage is a must. 

NUMBERCheck Rail Gate detects defined signs and characters on passing trains. The processing via OCR algorithm takes place after the last wagon passes the wheel sensors in the track. Therefore, handling a standstill during a passage used to be a major challenge.


The new software function "Stop & Move" is based on the extension of an exact wagon separation, so that it also works correctly when a train is at a standstill. Among other things, the firmware of our axle controller had to be adapted and our NumberFinder algorithm further developed for this purpose.


The function is now available. Please contact us if you are interested in a non-binding offer.