Video based wagon inspection in Trier

DB Regio AG has numerous locations in Germany where they provide services in the field of maintenance, repair and cleaning of rail vehicles.


An important part of the maintenance work is the inspection of the vehicle roofs for possible damage. As not every garage is equipped with a roof work stand, this was previously a local problem that caused considerable effort. The DB Regio was therefore interested in a video-based solution to detect both damage and wear of pantographs. A further requirement was the image-based condition documentation of the wagons at entrances and exits.

As an image processing specialist, ASE GmbH was asked to design and install a camera-based monitoring system. After an initial pilot phase in Berlin-Lichtenberg, the system was recently installed in the Trier garage.

How do we do this?
On entering the garage hall, the NUMBERCheck monitoring system is triggered by two wheel sensors in the track. With three cameras pointing at the train roof, a video recording is made and stored in a database together with a time stamp. Another camera is aligned to the side of the train and records the corresponding UIC number of the individual wagons. Thus, the recorded images can be clearly identified to the respective wagon.

The video recordings can be called up at any time on the screen. Via a zoom function in the freeze image, the smallest details can become visible and damage documentation can thus be reliably guaranteed.

The result
The monitoring system in combination with the automatic identification of the respective wagon number makes work much easier for DB Regio AG. Trains can pass through the maintenance process more quickly and provide evidence of damage and condition documentation. Unjustified claims for damages are thus a thing of the past.

We are pleased that DB Regio AG has been able to use our technology in a solution-oriented manner and would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for the trust placed in us.

Your ASE Team